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Nexia Australia invites you to join our education specialists as they cover a range of timely topics and provide a number of key practical insights that that you should be aware of.

Accounting Update

We will cover:

  • The financial reporting changes for 31 December;
  • How the introduction of Director ID numbers will affect the sector;
  • Planning for the new Simplified Disclosure Standard; and
  • Future developments to NFP financial reporting.

Employment taxes

The distinction between employee and contractor can be complex at times.

You need to consider the facts and circumstances to determine the relevant employment taxes that apply to these payments.

We will cover:

  • The employee and contractor distinction and popular myths surrounding the use of contractors in organisations.
  • Superannuation Guarantee and other employment tax updates, including insights and specific considerations relevant for the Education sector.

Automating your workflows

How efficient are your workflows?

We will highlight the building blocks necessary to improve efficiency and effectiveness of workflows in your school or college.

We will cover:

  • How to break workflows down into;
    • collecting the required data
    • using it to make decisions
    • recording the results in your core systems.
  • How to apply these processes to the workflow for applying, approving and recording leave. We will use one of our South Australian school clients as an example.
  • Leveraging the technology in smart phones to enhance workflows, with examples.
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