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Benjamin James

Benjamin James

Benjamin is the Senior Manager for Data Analytics and Innovation at Nexia Edwards Marshall.

Professional experience

Benjamin has worked with diverse stakeholders, including the big banks, the  Australian Taxation Office, the Department of Defence, and businesses large and small. His strong, process-driven analytical and systems development skill-set, honed from working in a range of industries, enables him not only to detect errors and weaknesses in processes and systems, but to use data to help leaders identify opportunities for organisational growth, improvement, diversification and profitability.  


Bachelor of Engineering, University of New South Wales.


Risk identification

Benjamin specialises in analysing data to uncover internal control deficiencies and inaccuracies in regulatory and internal compliance reporting. In simple terms, he can identify out-of-control processes before they cause trouble.

Analysis and modelling

Benjamin has built and implemented systems – for some of Australia’s largest companies – that pull data from across enterprises and produce key metrics to inform decision making. He does more than deliver valuable, one-off performance snapshots. He also designs and refines systems so that metrics automatically update whenever new data comes in. That means those in charge always have the latest – and most accurate – information at their fingertips.

Executive support

When timeframes are short, or resources scarce, Benjamin can work side-by-side with clients, or their staff, to deliver reporting capability and analysis.

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