Transport and Distribution

We provide timely and effective financial information to suppliers in the Transport and Distribution industry.

Businesses can grow, develop or manufacture goods for sale – but nothing goes anywhere without an efficient transport and distribution system.

While the movement of goods from one location to another is vital for the operation of many businesses, so is the requirement for the suppliers of those services to receive timely and effective financial information.

How we can help you be great


Our extensive experience in the transport and distribution industry means we can deliver a targeted audit that goes beyond meeting your statutory obligations, providing you with actionable insights to assist you in improving your business’s performance and profitability.

Business Advisory

Asset protection is a key business issue for the transport and distribution industry and Nexia has proudly has long experience in this area. 

Through consultation, our team will help you develop short and long-term plans to achieve your business goals – and we can assist with expansion plans, succession planning and the sale of your business as well. 

Forensic Accounting

We have considerable experience in providing expert independent accounting services for litigation cases in the transport and distribution sector. 

We have provided due diligence for the buy-side of a major suite of service stations, valuations for the purpose of minority acquisitions and sell-side assistance for a major fuel distribution business. 

We also have highly developed expertise in three-way financial modelling. 

Finance and Lending

Vehicles and equipment are the lifeblood of the transport and distribution industry. Our Lending and Finance experts help clients borrow funds for both purchasing and replacement.

Taxation Consulting

A number of areas of tax law are especially relevant to the transport and distribution sector. For example, you need to know about fuel tax credits and the ability to claim motor vehicle registration when it’s paid, rather than later.

Understanding, or not understanding, tax deductibility can have a significant impact on your business’s cash flow and tax position. Nexia helps clients maximise the benefits of the tax system by interpreting and applying tax laws and guidance correctly.


We have considerable experience in providing valuations in the transport and distribution sector.

We’ve provided valuation reports for transport businesses looking to sell, admit new shareholders, restructure for taxation purposes, for family law purposes and to refinance.

For further information or to discuss how Nexia can assist your organisation, please contact a local Nexia Specialist.

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