Business Simulations

Looking for a unique but effective way to develop your teams? Our game based simulations make change happen.

To remain competitive all organisations seek new business models, shorter time to market, shorter product life cycles, etc. 

In order to achieve that, organisations need ongoing development of their processes, people and strategies. If all your people at all levels understand the bigger picture of your organisation and recognise how their responsibilities affect the organisation as a whole, their daily decisions will have a sound strategic basis. 

Business Simulations are a powerful tool that allow a risk free trial of ideas, empowering and engaging all participants, and providing an experiential learning process that stimulates progressive change. 

"As a company we openly share all our financial information to staff at managerial levels, but many times there was a lack in them understanding and being able to interpret the information.

The Celemi simulation was able to interactively teach them the financial basics, but more importantly the role they play in the entire value chain and the impact they have on the company’s financial performance and cashflow.

The presenters from Nexia Perth were very knowledgeable, made the training interesting and added to the success of the training. We extended the training with another internal training day to apply the learnings to our specific business circumstances with constructive discussions relating back to the lessons learnt from the Celemi simulations.

The full value of the course will probably only be measurable in the medium term, but we already saw the positive impact it had on the attitude of the staff who attended."

         Wessel Oosthuizen, Commercial Director - AFGRI Equipment Australia

What is the Business Simulation Experience? 

What can Nexia Australia offer?

Nexia Australia has partnered with Swedish company Celemi by becoming the Solution Provider in the Australian market to deliver a range of business simulations, including:

Apples and Oranges. One of our most popular simulations, Apples and Oranges, is designed to help non-finance professionals learn the basics of running a business.

Decision Base. The most comprehensive business simulation - Decision Base provides challenges in all aspects of running a business.

Tango.  Driving success through people means ensuring your people align with your growth strategy and the ability to acquire and retain profitable customers.

“We cannot simply absorb other people’s knowledge, we must create our own” said Klas Mellander, one of Celemi’s founders. Through business simulations we help clients to create that “Aha!” moment – the point at which people draw conclusions and gain new insights that make their company work better.

Forward looking organisations are discovering that a high degree of business acumen among the management team is a powerful source of competitive advantage. According to several recent studies, Business Acumen has been identified as one of the critical competencies needed by leaders over the next decade. However, in order for organisation to successfully close the business acumen competency gap, the competency needs to be well understood and clarified. 

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