At Nexia, people are our most valuable asset. Nexia exists to help people and enable them to grow and be successful. View Current Vacancies

At Nexia, we want to be involved and interact with great people: to share our knowledge and expertise and proactively provide quality solutions.

Each individual team member has a unique development plan and we are committed to providing assistance and preparing our employees to plan the next step in their career. We strive for shared success and growth and value respect, honesty and integrity in all dealings with peers, clients and stakeholders.

Joining Nexia is about more than just gaining the knowledge and skills to perform in your new role, it’s about becoming a member of our valued team.

great people + great clients = great firm

A Nexia Lifestyle

Clients often comment on the vibrant atmosphere they experience when they visit our offices. The secret ingredient is our energetic, talented and enthusiastic team with a perfect blend of youth and experience.

We go to great lengths to make work an enjoyable experience, and encourage our team to maintain a good balance between time to work, time to study, and time to play, such as:

  • Regular drinks nights and an ever-eventful social calendar
  • Lunchtime sport, including touch football, netball and soccer
  • Active participants in the Institute of Chartered Accountants sporting events
  • Nissan BRW Corporate Triathlon
  • Fitness bootcamps
  • Health & wellbeing workshops
  • Charity sport events

Our philosophy is that we work with each individual to be flexible in trying to accommodate their needs and address their own personal goals and objectives.