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Borrowing Strategies

If you want to achieve your long-term goals sooner you may want to borrow for investment purposes.

Commonly known as gearing, the strategy of borrowing money for investment purposes can enable you to build your wealth faster than if you relied exclusively on your own capital. The downside is that it can enhance your losses if your investments fall in value.

Our Borrowing Strategies Webinar Recording will explain exactly what your gearing options are and help you to decide whether gearing is suitable for your circumstances, and if so, which gearing strategy is the best fit for you to reach your long-term goals sooner.

This webinar recording covers:

  1. What is Gearing?
  2. The key benefits and risks of Gearing
  3. Types of Gearing available
  4. The different structures available for Gearing
  5. Gearing in Superannuation

Darren Chinnappa and Victoria Habra help you to determine the most appropriate borrowing strategy for you and your circumstances.

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