• Upcoming webinar

Join us for a power-packed hour with investment experts, where we'll cover market insights and the essentials of building a strong investment portfolio - all within your lunch break.  

Presented by Matt Wacher Chief Investment Officer, Asia Pacific, Morningstar Investment Management Australia in collaboration with Nexia Melbourne Financial Planning Partners, Paul Clements and Thilini Ratnayake. 

This webinar will cover:

Economic and Market Updates

Gain insights into current trends and what they mean for your investments. 

Investment and Portfolio Building

Explore different investment vehicles and understand why active management can be a valuable strategy.

Asset and Class Performance 

Discussion on the major investment asset classes, including comparisons and performance, along with currently preferred asset classes.

Strategic Asset Allocation

Discover how to allocate your investments based on your long-term goals.

The Nexia Investment Model

We'll use our proven model portfolios as a real-world example of how investment decisions are made with a focus on long-term success.

Designed for both new and mature investors who want to strengthen their investment knowledge - Register above to attend.

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