• Webinar recording

Redundancy has unfortunately become a very topical discussion point in the current environment.

For those of you who have spent years building your career and had not yet planned for retirement, redundancy can be complex and stressful. Understanding your options when you experience a redundancy can make a significant difference to your financial situation heading into retirement. Please watch our webinar recording which includes Private Wealth Specialist, Sylvia Liang along with SMSF Specialist Darren Chinnappa as they discuss the key redundancy considerations and options available to you.

The focus of this webinar recording is the financial planning considerations of redundancy for pre-retiree clients. Some may find that this prompts or forces their retirement (albeit earlier than originally planned).

In particular, this webinar covers:

  • Redundancy technicalities (including taxation of employer payments)
  • The impact of redundancy on your super
  • Available Centrelink benefits
  • Practical planning considerations for those affected by redundancy.
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