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Managing the unique challenges of growing your personal wealth and deciding on the right financial path is not always easy.

These webinar recordings will help you to plan to optimise your cash flow situation, invest in the most appropriate vehicle, have the right investment strategy in place, structure any debts you have in the most efficient way possible, and take advantage of the benefits of superannuation for wealth accumulation purposes.

Due to the quantity of valuable information on this topic we hosted the webinar in two parts. These recordings are as follows;

Part 1 – Wealth Accumulation Fundamentals

  • Cash Flow and Budgeting – Identification of income, tax, lifestyle requirements, capital expenses, and surplus cash flow available for investment.
  • Entity Structuring – Ensuring that you are utilising the right ‘vehicle’ to reach your financial goals.
  • Debt Management - By reviewing and appropriately restructuring loans, there may be potential to allocate more resources to meeting your financial goals.
  • Risk Profile Considerations – Matching the correct asset mix to your risk, return and timeframe requirements.

Part 2 - Wealth Accumulation Strategies

Strategies to build wealth including:

  • Investing in growth assets
  • The use of instalment investing
  • Gearing  - How to borrow funds to buy an investment asset, and what type of gearing is best suited to your circumstances
  • Investment Strategy Considerations – Key things to consider when developing an investment strategy, and the portfolio construction process.
  • Superannuation Strategies – Accumulation phase strategies to accelerate wealth accumulation for retirement.



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