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Sister Firm


Through strong connections between member firms; great ideas, innovative solutions, knowledge and experiences can be shared and capitalised on.

Sister firm connections are informal collaborations allowing member firms to build a connection that benefits both them and the network.

Potential areas for building a sister firm connection include:

  • Building connections on a less formal level with other similar sized member firms in the network;
  • The option of job sharing and utilising quieter periods across the network including EQCR, second review work;
  • Staff secondment opportunities during these quieter periods to make use of expertise in particular areas, as well as providing staff with exposure to a wider range of work;
  • Idea sharing across the network;
  • Sharing of best practice in order to ensure quality levels across the network are maintained at a high level and processes are being undertaken in a fashion that aligns with the requirements of the network.

If you are interested in being partnered with another firm in the network to discuss new opportunities and find out if a sister firm connection could be of benefit to your firm then your regional director can help set this up. Get in touch today. 



In an ever changing world, business advisors need to be able to adapt to new situations quickly and always be looking for new opportunities, whether for internal development or external service offerings.

The aim of a strategic partnership is to provide advice and assistance through change, to strengthen and improve the network as a whole, and at the same time build connections between members.

Strategic partnerships are about helping members reach their full potential and capitalising on the knowledge and experience available from the Nexia International Network. It is an opportunity to share ideas and experience and there are endless possibilities for projects and:

  • Offering a new service line or providing services to a new industry area – assistance bridging the skills and experience gap, helping with resources and staffing requirement and capabilities;
  • Developing a Learning and Development Framework – guidance on useful training materials and programs, best practice procedures, collaborative training programs;
  • Fee growth and business development – advice on maximising opportunities through events, networking, marketing, social media and other channels, assistance and guidance with firm mergers or acquisitions;
  • Internal processes and work flows – assistance with developing or enhancing a marketing function, transitioning to a new software or developing new tools, improving resources such as template work papers and standard documents,

If you are interested in being partnered with another firm in the Network to discuss new opportunities, improve current services, find out how another firm approached and managed a large change (what worked for them and what didn’t) or you identify any other areas or strategic projects then your regional director can help set this up. Get in touch today. 



Welcome to the Nexia International network!

Having been accepted into a top ten global business advisory network we want to make sure that you are taking advantage of everything the Nexia International Network has to offer from day one.

Through regular contact with the regional director and an established member firm in your area, the post-admittance partnership can assist you with the following: 

  • Transition into the Nexia International Network as quickly and efficiently as possible including assistance with branding, marketing, network communications, and reporting requirements;
  • A key contact on-hand to assist with any advice or queries that arise in the early days of membership including guidance relating to attendance at conferences and other events;
  • Access to innovative and technological solutions, including the most advanced auditing techniques;
  • A central contact to provide connections and introductions to other network firms and maximising cross-border referrals as soon as possible including internal processes to facilitate this.

If you have just joined the Nexia network and would like to ensure you are making the most of the network, please get in touch today to arrange a post-admittance partnership. 



Nexia International prides itself on having the highest quality member firms delivering the highest quality advice and business services all round the world. The benefits of membership in a top 10 international network are endless and in order to maintain this reputation the quality review process during the admittance process needs to be thorough.

A pre-admittance partnership is designed to help prospective new members navigate the quality control procedures and ensure the Nexia International Network is the right fit for them.

This type of partnership offers many benefits for prospective members:

  • Increased awareness of the benefits of membership as well as the ongoing quality control programs required to maintain member quality and ensuring that the culture of Nexia International is going to suit your firm;
  • An understanding of the membership fees as well as the costs of additional services such as events, conferences, and training;
  • Guidance through the quality control process for best practices including a review of the existing business services processes, auditing methodologies and the administrative procedures and proposed improvements to align with the requirements of the network;
  • Implementation of compliance frameworks to meet the required level for network membership;
  • Flexible process to maximise long term success with each partnership tailored to the individual firms;
  • Potential opportunity to second staff between partner firms to facilitate quality control training.
  • Assisting with any queries or issues to ensure the pre-admittance process is as quick and efficient as possible.

If you are thinking of joining the Nexia network and are interested in a pre-admittance partnership, please get in touch today. 

Global Partnership Program


Partnership Program

At Nexia, we are always looking at ways to bring our members closer together, so that we can strengthen the network as a whole and provide exceptional service worldwide.

Our Global Partnership Program has been developed to ensure that no matter what stage of your membership you are at, you will have continuous access to guidance and mentoring.


“As Chairman, I feel that the key value to members of being part of the Nexia network is the relationships they form which helps them to meet their clients needs.”

Dr. Markus Emmrich, Chair, Nexia International

Through the Global Partnership Program we have identified different partnership options to encourage connections which will ultimately make a network which works better for its members, and brings its members closer to you.

Pre-Admittance Partnership.

Are you thinking of applying for Nexia International membership and would like some guidance? Find out how a pre-admittance partnership may assist. 

Find out more.

Post-Admittance Partnership.

Have you just been accepted into the Nexia International network? This partnership will ensure you take advantage on all that the network has to offer. 

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Strategic Partnership.

Have you noticed areas for potential growth or any knowledge gaps within your firms? If so, you can choose to be partnered with a firm that has been identified as having strengths within those areas.

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Sister Firms Connection.

Are you an established firm within the Nexia International network and are looking to better your efficiencies and level of quality? Find out how a sister firm connection may help you.

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If you are interested in any of these partnership options, please get in contact today. 

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