Marketing & Social Media Expertise

One of the real advantages of you being part of the NEXTension family is access to our dedicated marketing professionals; not only for your clients but most particularly for your practice.

As we are in the professional services field ourselves, our experts have a real “feel” for what is required to attract business and keep it!

Our marketing team is expert in advising businesses on the best approach to reach customers; be they’re new customers or reaching out to existing customers in a new and meaningful way.

To us, pro-activity is the cornerstone of ongoing success. In this regard we critically analyse and evaluate current marketing efforts with a view to keeping what is working and importantly making suggestions for improvement.

We see a major component of our role as your marketing partner to ensure that the relevant knowledge that we have resides with you. To achieve this we take the time to train you on best practices and make suggestions for new content; having taken the time to understand the unique culture and vision of your business.

We devise and assist you in implementing cost effective but powerful methods for reaching your market.

Where we can partner with you

In a practical sense, you can draw on our expertise in:

Social Media Marketing

  • LinkedIn Set Up, Training & Suggested Improvement
  • Facebook Set Up, Training & Suggested Improvement
  • Instagram Set Up, Training & Suggested Improvement
  • Twitter Set Up, Training & Suggested Improvement

Online Marketing

  • Creating, Building and Suggesting Improvements to your website
  • Auditing your current Website
  • Training on Website maintenance and how to keep it contemporary

Brand Awareness

  • Consumer behaviour and customer psychology
  • Copywriting assistance
  • Logo design/redesign Monitoring and Measuring Results
  • Helping you focus on continued improvement and factoring in marketing as the business evolves

Our dedicated marketing team is here to assist both you and your clients, enquire about our NEXTension QLD Membership today