Corporate Advisory

We partner with you to ensure that advice is both practical and properly implemented.

NEXTension is driven by the philosophy that the power of technical expertise is its application in providing real business solutions and delivering peace of mind. This is never more evident than in our Corporate Finance solution.

In harnessing our internal expertise, our Corporate Advisory team will work with you to identify and provide solutions and strategies that minimise risk, maximise returns and ensure that your clients are ready for any next step or business reorganisation.

We work with our NEXTension partners on:

  • Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestments
  • Initial Public Offerings
  • Due Diligence
  • Technical Support
  • Valuations
  • Independent Expert’s Reports
  • Investigating Accountant’s Reports
  • Finance Modelling
  • Investor Readiness
  • International Expansion

If you need assistance on corporate solutions to advise your client please enquire about our NEXTension QLD Membership