Estate Planning

We have been involved in estate planning and administration for over 25 years and during that time advised clients and legal advisors on structuring and taxation issues pertaining to estates.

Client wealth created over a lifetime of hard work can be lost in family disputes and poor tax advice so strategic estate planning is an important step in maintaining family wealth for generations to come.

This area can be highly technical and specialised and so in keeping with our edict to provide NEXTension partners with the best holistic advice, we ensure that our estate planning solutions fit neatly with superannuation and taxation structuring generally.

We work with our NEXTension partners to develop a thorough understanding of their clients’ financial and personal circumstances. We draw on our proven network of strategic partners to ensure best of breed legal advice and drafting. It is our promise to deliver real peace of mind in this complex and often emotional area of life planning.

Simple mistakes in Estate Planning lead to costly outcomes. Don’t make the Australian Tax Office a beneficiary! Our NEXTension partners get the benefit of our insights in (among things):

  • Unintended consequences of joint tenancy versus tenants in common arrangements
  • The risk of passing assets to individuals directly, without protective structures
  • The impact of poor planning on probate delays
  • Side-stepping hefty tax bills via the use of testamentary trusts
  • The emotion, litigation and financial drain of poorly drafted and uncertain estates.
  • Out-of-date trust deeds and other documents and the impact on estate planning when circumstances change

If require further assistance on advising your clients about their life planning, please enquire about our NEXTension QLD Membership.