Advice on UK Investments

Do you need financial advice regarding your UK investments? Get in touch today.

Our financial planning team can assist you with financial advice regarding your UK investments. Our expert team can provide you with financial advice to assist you in structuring your worldwide financial affairs in a way that meets your global financial objectives, manages foreign exchange risk and diversifies your investment portfolio. In addition, we will ensure that your investment strategy is tax efficient across the UK and Australia.

This can include advice on your investments across different structures including:

  • Managed Funds
  • Listed Securities (including Listed Investment Companies)
  • OEICs (Open Ended Investment Companies)
  • Tax advantaged structured such as ISA’s, PEP’s and TESSA’s and
  • Investment Bonds

We can also advise you on the UK and Australian tax implications of the making withdrawals from UK life insurance policies, whether held in trust or directly. This includes Australian and UK tax advice on UK life insurance products such as:

  • Loan Trusts;
  • Discounted Gift Trusts; and
  • Bonds with UK Chargeable Event Gains.

Understanding your UK and Australian tax position on holding such investments compared to restructuring is the first step in considering your overall options.

Once this is known we take the time to fully understand your objectives (eg cashflow requirements, risk/return objective, cost minimisation vs targeting excess returns, currency exposure, ease of ongoing management etc) in order to compare your options on retention with that of establishing your portfolio in Australia).

We can work in conjunction with your UK Adviser (if you have one) or our London office in order to ensure that you receive a seamless solution to the structure of your investment portfolio into the future. Our goal is to ensure that your financial objectives continue to be met for your portfolio wherever you might be resident.

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