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Kick Start Your 2021 Financial Year

We know that the start of this financial year is a little different. As we enter the 2021 Financial Year, with still a lot of uncertainty in the market due to COVID-19 and new tax and compliance issues for consideration, we want to make sure that you have all of the information to ensure you and your business are prepared.

In this webinar recording, our national wine industry specialists along with National Tax Director, David Montani cover a number of wine industry matters to be aware of, issues arising from COVID-19 as well compliance and forward tax planning for the 2021 Financial Year and beyond to ensure you are in the best possible tax health.

Topics covered 

Forward Tax Planning – right through to business sale

  • New year, new company tax rate
  • Important information regarding employee superannuation, including the amnesty
  • Valuing stock
  • Instant asset write-off regime, accelerated depreciation
  • Other issues for SMEs
    • Concessions
    • Jeopardising generous future concessions now, without even knowing it

The New Normal

  • Issues arising from COVID-19
  • Reviewing your current trading model
  • Building working capital reserves and financial capacity
  • Staff Requirements and Support Available

Wine Industry Matters

  • WET rebate eligibility
    • Revisit of the rules
    • Common errors
    • Warnings regarding restructures
  • Key grants available for the wine industry and relevant qualification requirements

Webinar Materials

Webinar slide deck

If there is any aspect of this webinar recording that you are unsure of or would like further information on, please feel free to contact your local Nexia Advsior.

Webinar Recording

Streaming franked dividends, capital gains, Cash Flow Boost and JobKeeper through trusts

Streaming franked dividends, capital gains, Cash Flow Boost and JobKeeper through trusts.

The taxation of trust income continues to present issues. Streaming franked dividends & capital gains, and distributing trust income generally, is an everyday issue. Whilst this has potential for confusion, a simple and consistent approach will help significantly. The addition of Cash Flow Boost (non-assessable) and JobKeeper (assessable) amounts are new issues this year.

This webinar recording covers the following:

  • Brief recap on how trust income is taxed
  • A simple and practical approach to properly streaming franked dividends and capital gains, and distributing other income
  • What to do when a trust has a franked dividend and/or net capital gain, and everything else totals to a net loss/deduction
  • Incorporating Cash Flow Boost and JobKeeper receipts for 2019/20
  • Practical examples, including reconciling tax outcomes with a trust’s accounting profit, trust distribution resolutions 
  • Trust tax return disclosures

Webinar Materials

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If there is any aspect of this session you are unsure of please contact your local Nexia Advisor.

Webinar Recording

Redundancy and Retirement

In these unprecedented times, redundancy is at the forefront of many peoples minds as uncertainty continues to prevail in the economy. For those of you who have spent years building your career and had not yet planned for retirement, redundancy can be complex and stressful.

Understanding your options when you experience a redundancy can make a significant difference to your financial situation heading into retirement. In this webinar recording, Private Wealth Specialist, Sylvia Liang, discusses the key redundancy considerations and options available to you. 

The focus of this webinar is the financial planning considerations of redundancy for pre-retiree clients. Some may find that this prompts or forces their retirement (albeit earlier than originally planned).

In particular, this webinar recording covers:

  • Redundancy technicalities (including taxation of employer payments)
  • The impact of redundancy on your super
  • Available Centrelink benefits
  • Practical planning considerations for those affected by redundancy.

If there is any aspect of this webinar you are unsure of, please contact your local Nexia Advisor.

Webinar Recording

Financial Reporting Update 2020

Time is running out to prepare for a suite of major new financial reporting requirements that will have wide-ranging effects on many organisations.

In this webinar recording our Financial reporting specialists:

  • Explore the key changes to accounting standards applicable for 30 June 2020;
  • Share their experiences and insights on the application issues arising from the new leases standard AASB 16;
  • Consider potential implications of COVID-19 on 30 June 2020 financial reporting; 
  • Discuss the AASB’s changes to the Reduced Disclosure Regime (RDR) the future of special purpose financial statements, and more.

For all webinar material along with a copy of the recording, see below.

Webinar Materials

Webinar slide deck

New Accounting Standards

New disclosure requirements for Not-For-Profit entities preparing SPFS

AASB approves removal of Special Purpose Financial Statements

Whistleblower policies required for large proprietary and public companies

If there is any aspect of this webinar you are unsure of, or if you would like to discuss your Financial Reporting obligations, particularly with regards to COVID-19 implications on your 30 June Financial Reporting, please contact your local Nexia Advisor.

Webinar Recording

JobKeeper rules in practice

With a considerable amount of new information to process regarding the recently released JobKeeper Payment Program, Nexia Australia’s National Tax Director, David Montani has released a webinar recording breaking down the program into workable components, to help you put it into practice for your business.

This webinar recording, covering the JobKeeper laws enacted last week, and the concessions and other announcements made by the ATO on Tuesday, includes topics such as:

  • When an employer qualifies to receive JobKeeper payments
  • Eligibility of employees
  • Business participants
  • Reporting process and timing of payments
  • Practical examples
  • How we can help you

See below for the webinar materials and recording. 

Webinar Materials

Download webinar slide pack

For more related information regarding this webinar, see our COVID-19 Impacts and Support page. If there is any aspect of this session you are unsure of please contact your local Nexia Advisor.

Webinar Recording

The Government’s COVID-19 Stimulus Package and other measures: What they mean for your business

Australian businesses and communities are feeling the impacts of COVID-19.

At Nexia Australia, we are at the forefront of understanding the measures being taken, so we can assist you to get the maximum benefit available.

This webinar recording will cover the key measures, and what they mean in practice for your business, including:

  • The Government’s stimulus packages Mark I, Mark II
  • Mark III: Government's Business Wage Subsidy
  • Cash flow boost payments for SMEs
  • Expansion of the instant asset write-off regime
  • Depreciation incentives
  • Earlier access to superannuation
  • ATO’s administrative measures
  • Other measures
  • Practical examples
  • Putting all of the above into practice & how we can help you.

See below for the webinar materials and recording. 

Webinar Materials

Download webinar slide pack

For more related information regarding this webinar, see our COVID-19 Impacts and Support page. If there is any aspect of this session you are unsure of please contact your local Nexia Advisor.

Webinar Recording

Fringe Benefits Tax

This webinar recording is designed to help you and your colleagues to efficiently and effectively prepare the 2020 FBT return.

Why should you watch this webinar recording?

We highlight the complexities and help you better understand your obligations and common traps under FBT legislation, coupled with planning strategies, that will save you thousands in FBT.

Who should watch this webinar recording?

Finance personnel, management and their teams responsible for preparing and reporting on FBT. 

Webinar Materials

Download webinar slide deck

In particular, our webinar recording will cover:

FBT refresher and practical examples

  • Latest changes to FBT
  • Common compliance benefits.
  • Case studies of common benefits.
  • Overview of common exemptions and concessions.

FBT updates

  • Legislation amendments.
  • New rates, dates and thresholds.
  • Key focus areas for ATO

Talk to your trusted Nexia Advisor about how we can help you better manage the provision of benefits, and get the best outcomes for you and your employees.

Webinar Recording

Retirement Planning

Everyone has a different version of what their retirement will look like based on their lifestyle and individual needs.

When planning for your retirement, the lifestyle you want to achieve is an important consideration and the starting point for setting your long-term wealth creation plans. Increasing life expectancies can make it tricky to estimate how much income you will need for your retirement but forward planning can make all the difference.

In this webinar, retirement expert Sylvia Liang provides you with financial planning strategies designed to assist you in achieving a comfortable retirement.

Webinar Materials

Download webinar slide deck

Some of the questions answered in this webinar include:

  1. How much do you need for retirement?
  2. How can I boost my retirement savings?
  3. How can I receive a steady retirement income stream?

This webinar will benefit those who:

  • Are aged 57 and over
  • Are planning to retire in two to five years from now
  • Have questions about retirement planning

Get in touch below for a free initial consultation with a Nexia Financial Adviser to determine the sort of retirement you can comfortably afford, how to invest for your needs and the best way to put your superannuation savings to work.


The demise of Special Purpose Financial Statements

Many companies preparing financial statements in accordance with the Corporations Act 2001, other legislation, their constituting documents or other agreements will be prevented from preparing Special Purpose Financial Statements. 

At the same time, the existing Tier 2 Reduced Disclosure Regime (RDR) will be replaced by new disclosure requirements. 

Martin Olde explains the impacts.


Webinar Materials