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The demise of Special Purpose Financial Statements

Many companies preparing financial statements in accordance with the Corporations Act 2001, other legislation, their constituting documents or other agreements will be prevented from preparing Special Purpose Financial Statements. 

At the same time, the existing Tier 2 Reduced Disclosure Regime (RDR) will be replaced by new disclosure requirements. 

Martin Olde explains the impacts.


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Aged Care Strategies

The move into aged care usually happens in a hurry and with emotional turmoil but planning ahead can help to improve the situation. The cost for aged care arisncreasing and with an ageing population, we need to think about how to ensure our loved ones can access the help they need. The decisions you make can have a significant impact on your loved one’s lifestyle and comfort, their entitlement to the age pension and the fees paid to the aged care facilities.

This webinar recording focuses on:

  1. Types and the cost of aged care.
  2. Working out your funding options and Centrelink issues.
  3. Planning for Aged Care strategies, tips and traps.
  4. Estate Planning.


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Aged care decisions begin with understanding the role that funds play in the future for you and your family. Our specialist advisors are here to help you manage assets, expenses and estates to ensure your wealth is safe and secure. 

Start your Aged Care planning with a complimentary consultation with a Nexia Specialist. 

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Leases. Is there a simple solution for a radical standard?

AASB 16, effective from 1 January 2019, radically changes the way leases are recognised in financial statements. This standard ends the recognition of leases in the income statement and requires all leases to be recognised on the balance sheet. Clients and auditors alike have faced significant complexities as they begin to implement AASB 16 due to the problematic nature of some leases.

Recently we ran an AASB 16 update from Nexia Australia’s National Technical Director, Martin Olde, who is a member of the AASB's Income of Not-for-Profit Entities Project Advisory Panel and Conceptual Framework Project Advisory Panel.

What was covered:

The session covered a high level analysis of AASB 16 and includes some of the insights gathered, and technical advice delivered, on proactive implementation of AASB 16 with our clients. Martin also provided an update on changes to Peppercorn Leases and seek to simplify some of the complexities associated with reporting of leases. 

If you are affected by AASB 16 we recommend you watch the below video, or download the slides to gain insights from real client experiences.


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Lease accounting is no longer a set-and-forget proposition and requires regular reassessments and remeasurement throughout the lease term.  Assessing lease renewal options, remeasurement of lease liabilities and assets, sub-leases and sale and leasebacks add further complexity. 

Whether you have property, vehicles, office space or equipment, Nexia Australia can help reduce this financial reporting burden and can offer a complete solution to assist you with applying AASB 16 and managing your lease portfolio. 

If you would like further information in regards to AASB 16, or for more details on our complete Lease Accounting Solution, please get in touch today. 


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Borrowing Strategies

If you want to achieve your long-term goals sooner you may want to borrow for investment purposes.

Commonly known as gearing, the strategy of borrowing money for investment purposes can enable you to build your wealth faster than if you relied exclusively on your own capital. The downside is that it can enhance your losses if your investments fall in value.

Our Borrowing Strategies Webinar Recording will explain exactly what your gearing options are and help you to decide whether gearing is suitable for your circumstances, and if so, which gearing strategy is the best fit for you to reach your long-term goals sooner.

This webinar recording covers:

  1. What is Gearing?
  2. The key benefits and risks of Gearing
  3. Types of Gearing available
  4. The different structures available for Gearing
  5. Gearing in Superannuation

Darren Chinnappa and Victoria Habra help you to determine the most appropriate borrowing strategy for you and your circumstances.

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Selecting the right investments and tax structures can be a major challenge. We can help you select the most appropriate investments for your financial and taxation objectives. 

Get in touch below for a free initial consultation with a Nexia Financial Advisor for informed insights into the current market conditions and the facts that you need to make informed investment decisions. 

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Wealth Accumulation Fundamentals and Strategies

Managing the unique challenges of growing your personal wealth and deciding on the right financial path is not always easy.

These webinar recordings will help you to plan to optimise your cash flow situation, invest in the most appropriate vehicle, have the right investment strategy in place, structure any debts you have in the most efficient way possible, and take advantage of the benefits of superannuation for wealth accumulation purposes.

Due to the quantity of valuable information on this topic we hosted the webinar in two parts. Download the slides and watch the recordings below for both our webinars which are: 

Part 1 - Wealth Accumulation Fundamentals

  • Cash Flow and Budgeting – Identification of income, tax, lifestyle requirements, capital expenses, and surplus cash flow available for investment.
  • Entity Structuring – Ensuring that you are utilising the right ‘vehicle’ to reach your financial goals.
  • Debt Management - By reviewing and appropriately restructuring loans, there may be potential to allocate more resources to meeting your financial goals.
  • Risk Profile Considerations – Matching the correct asset mix to your risk, return and timeframe requirements.

Part 2 - Wealth Accumulation Strategies

Strategies to build wealth including:

  • Investing in growth assets
  • The use of instalment investing
  • Gearing  - How to borrow funds to buy an investment asset, and what type of gearing is best suited to your circumstances
  • Investment Strategy Considerations – Key things to consider when developing an investment strategy, and the portfolio construction process.
  • Superannuation Strategies – Accumulation phase strategies to accelerate wealth accumulation for retirement.

Webinar Materials

Part 1 - Wealth Accumulation Fundamentals: Download webinar slide deck

Part 2 - Wealth Accumulation Strategies: Download webinar slide deck


All phases of the wealth creation cycle present their own set of financial challenges and opportunities. Nexia's comprehensive client planning process enables us to provide you with individualised advice and the broadest possible spectrum of investment possibilities.

Get in touch below for a free initial consultation with a Nexia Financial Advisor to discuss your current cash flow and start planning your best financial future today.

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Estate Planning

Ensure your estate ends up in the right hands

Estate planning is a way of ensuring that the assets you have worked hard to build up are passed onto your beneficiaries in a tax effective manner.

A well-considered estate plan can provide you with certainty and a peace of mind as an effective estate plan facilitates getting the right assets, into the right hands, at the right time.

This webinar recording focuses on:

  1. What is estate planning.

  2. Factors to consider when estate planning.

  3. Testamentary Trusts and why they are beneficial.

  4. The treatment of superannuation should someone pass away.

Sylvia Liang and Darren Chinnappa will help you answer these questions and explain how they impact your long term financial position.  


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Estate planning is not just about planning for death, it also involves the consideration of how assets and financial decisions should be made when you or someone close to you loses their physical or mental capacity to make such decisions. 

Get in touch below for a free initial consultation with a Nexia Financial Adviser to work through your estate planning needs in order to create a comprehensive plan to ensure your loved ones are protected for the future.