NEXTension Network

NEXTension is our specialised solution dedicated to partnering with professional firms like you.

Nexia can provide you with expert advice for your clients, building your professional networks and ensuring that your practice receives professional education that’s not seen elsewhere.

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Membership to the NEXTension network is open to all accounting, legal and financial planning firms. It will provide your firm with access to Nexia’s specialists, our national network and our international network.

Our commitment is to genuinely partner with you in a manner that extends your service capabilities to your clients in a collaborative and non-intrusive manner.

NEXTension provides you with access to specialist written advice in the event that it is required. Our “No Surprises” policy ensures that you will always receive up-front fixed fee engagement terms; every time. Our engagement will be directly with you, and we will not lift the veil between you and your client.

Our specialists will assist you by providing you with the following list of services:

NEXTension, though underpinned by what we do, is centred on our culture; the way we do things. 
We challenge ourselves to live by the pillars of our culture and values:

It is with these in mind that we offer you the NEXTension commitment and will stand behind you with:

  • A comprehensive range of technical services
  • Cutting edge training and conferences
  • High-level practice coaching and advice

What's Next Program

Our team see’s best practice as more than the latest technical updates. NEXTension is committed to ensuring that the most critical elements of “what’s next” in our profession are passed on to the NEXTension network to keep you ahead of the game.

  • What’s next in ATO data matching?
  • What’s next in digital disruption?
  • What’s next in off shoring?

Our monthly training seminars, webinars, newsletters and our annual conference will keep your practice at the forefront.

Leveraging Our Networks & Making Them Your Networks

Connectivity makes business work. Professional life becomes easier when you find the right person, in your network, and receive the right advice. NEXTension firms are invited to draw on our extensive network of specialists in a broad range of areas; legal, consulting or industry expertise.


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If you would like to join the Nextension Network, please complete the membership form below or contact one of our team members to discuss membership further.

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