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  • 9 August 2017

Most people wouldn’t dream of taking their car on the road without car insurance, or living in a house without home and contents insurance. But when it comes to taking up insurance to protect their life or income, most Australians act indifferently.

Common reasons for not taking up insurance are a lack of knowledge, a belief that insurance is too expensive and the ageold ‘it won’t happen to me’ mentality. If this sounds like you, it’s worth taking a moment to consider your insurance needs. The peace of mind this will give you is well worth the effort. 

Myth #1: It’s too complicated 

If you’re new to insurance, it may seem complicated. There are all sorts of different products, acronyms and official-sounding terms. To help make things clearer below is a snapshot of the typical types of insurance available to you. 

Insurance Table 1.JPG

Myth #2: It’s too expensive

Value is relative and depends on what is important to you. But when you have dependants, it’s hard to argue that the right insurance cover is anything but money well-spent. The ability to sleep better at night knowing that everything is taken care of is priceless.

Besides, insurance doesn’t have to be exorbitant. By finding the cover that best suits your needs, you should be able to structure your insurance cover so that your premiums are well within reach.

Myth #3: It won’t happen to me 

You might think ‘I don’t need to worry, I’m fit and healthy’ but with the incidence of life threatening or debilitating health conditions on the rise, you may think again after considering the following leading causes of death (and disability) in Australia. 

Insurance Table 2.JPG

Get some advice

If the thought of understanding insurance and what’s right for you seems like an insurmountable obstacle then leave it to the experts. The cost of insurance doesn’t need to stop you in your tracks and you’re always better off knowing more. Speak to us to get the advice you need to protect yourself – and your family.


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