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You are invited to our seminar to hear about recent tax developments that will have an impact on the Australian property market.

This informative seminar will cover:

  • Income tax (e.g. depreciation and travel deductions)
  • Superannuation (e.g. first home super scheme and downsizing initiative)
  • Capital gains tax (e.g. clearance certificates and 12.5% withholding charge on properties sold for $750,000 or more)
  • GST (e.g. proposal that purchaser remits GST to ATO directly on the purchase of new residential properties from 1 July 2018)
  • Other relevant issues

Who should attend this seminar?

Because we will be discussing tax issues affecting the Australian property market, the seminar will be relevant for investors and anyone who owns or intends to own a home.

In addition, professionals working in the property industry (e.g. property developers, quantity surveyors, real estate agents and property lawyers) will also benefit from attending this seminar.

Some questions that will be answered in the seminar: 

1.  What are the new measures affecting residential rental properties?

  • Can you still claim depreciation on plant and equipment in such properties?
  • Can you still deduct travel expenses to inspect such properties?

2.  What superannuation measures are there to assist the property market?

  • How does the super saver scheme assist first home-buyers?
  • How can the superannuation downsize incentive assist seniors to contribute more money to their superannuation?

3.  Do you know that if you sell a property for $750,000 or more, you will probably have to apply for a clearance certificate before the conclusion of the sale (to prevent a 12.5% withholding charge)?

4.  If you are a property developer, are you aware that proposed GST withholding changes on the sale of new residential properties after 1 July 2018 may affect your liquidity?

5.  What can you do under these measures to improve your financial position?

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