Aged Care Strategies

  • Webinar recording

The move to an aged care facility can be difficult to plan for both financially and emotionally. Everyone will have a different situation so you need to think about your overall situation - Do we sell the family home? What do we do with the family home if we decide to retain it? How much of the accommodation deposit do we pay and how do we pay the ongoing aged care fees?

Aged Care strategies, tips and traps webinar presented by Associate Director, Sylvia Liang to explored the following:

  1. Types and the cost of aged care.
  2. Working out your funding options and Centrelink issues.
  3. Planning for Aged Care strategies, tips and traps.
  4. Estate Planning.

Aged care decisions begin with understanding the role that funds play in the future for you and your family. Our specialist advisors are here to help you manage assets, expenses and estates to ensure your wealth is safe and secure. 

Start your Aged Care planning with a complimentary consultation with a Nexia Specialist. 


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