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You are invited to our seminar to hear of recent tax developments that may affect you and your business. 

  1. Do you know whether your company will qualify for the lower corporate tax rate and do you know the amount of franking credits shareholders will receive?
  2. Are you aware of the limitation on claiming depreciation deductions on residential rental properties and that you may no longer be able to claim travel expenses to inspect such properties?
  3. Have you heard about the first home super saver scheme and the ability for seniors to contribute proceeds from selling their houses to a superannuation fund?

Why should you attend this seminar?

By attending this seminar, you will gain an insight into important new tax developments that may affect the way you do business as well as help you to discover opportunities that you may not be aware of.

We will also discuss potential strategies that may be implemented as well as identify potential pitfalls, challenges and opportunities arising from the changes.

This informative seminar will cover:

  • Corporate tax rate changes for entities with a turnover below $25 million for 2018 and $50 million for 2019;
  • Under what circumstances should passive companies be able to qualify for the lower tax rate;
  • Imputation changes and how the change in the corporate tax rate can lead to over-franking or trapped franking credits;
  • Measures to address housing affordability:
    - Travel expenses and depreciation deductions on rental properties;
    - Superannuation: first home super saver and downsizing contributions
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